About us

Do you ever wonder if you are eating right? Are you interested in healthy eating, nature and being informed on food altogether? Well, you have just come to the right place. Strap yourself in for a mystical journey into health and well being.

I’m Anna Sanders and am the creator and manager of this Blog. This blog’s aim is to give information and crush myths about food, nature and health for the reader. Having researched extensively on the topics, this site is built for you. A few years ago, I was struggling with an eating disorder and gained weight in undesirable places. It became increasingly problematic, as I tried all available conventional means out there in the market. From advertised pills to unconventional concoctions, that I would rather not revise here on the taste and symptoms that followed after.

Luckily I stumbled upon an old book featuring health and nutrition, and it inspired me to create this blog since I knew I was not the only one suffering. Many people are struggling with eating disorders and managing their weight. No wonder, chances are as you are reading this, you are one of them. This blog is definitely for you. In here you will get all the advice and information as well as the very same regimens I followed to help me defeat my shortcomings.

I also write on other topics as well, to your overall well being and generally all about food. You can also write to me on any questions, and I’m happy to answer. I want to make this blog interactive and welcome other contributions on the topics as well. This will make us grow together.

Come back often to find something new for you and to share with your friends your exciting discoveries.